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Why sustainable materials ?

At K.SMITH we love fashion and the planet, and believe you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Product shot of coconut, egg and honey
It takes 8.67 recycled plastic bottles taken from land and sea to create the fabric for one of our sol bags.


Our journey began in 2020 with a mission of creating beautiful bags in an ethically responsible way.

Our collections are designed with integrity, love, and kindness, hoping to encourage more conscious buying practices by our customers as well as our community.

Born out of a passion for timeless beauty and respect for our environment, we have designed a minimalistic and modern collection. We strive to use up-cycled and recycled materials whenever possible.

We are in constant search for new, sustainable materials and aim to preserve the quality and longevity of our products. By reducing wastes, we wish to leave a positive imprint on the world for our future generations.



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